Election Rules for candidates of Mr Bear Czechia

§1 Conditions

  1. Minimum age 18 years
  2. Moral and criminal integrity
  3. The candidate permanently lives or stays more than half of the year in the Czech Republic
  4. Candidate actively expresses an interest in the gay bear society through his activities

§2 Obligations of the Winner

  1. Represent at least twice a year at a major bear event abroad.
  2. Represent at least four times a year at an event in the Czech Republic.
  3. Organise your own event (trip, barbecue, swimming, museum visit…).
  4. The candidate agrees that his/her photos and video can be added for advertising purposes (website, social networks, flyers, posters, magazine).
  5. The winning candidate agrees to confirm the contract with the organiser for the loan of the winner's sash.
  6. The candidate undertakes to personally present the sash to the winner of the next year's election.
  7. The highest title of Mr Bear Czechia is lifetime and can therefore be won only once.

§3 Withdrawal of the title

  1. In case of immoral, unethical, racist or otherwise inappropriate behaviour, the title will be revoked.
  2. The title will also be revoked in case of serious misconduct, damage to the Mr Bear Czechia organization, or the commission of a crime.
  3. If the current Mr Bear Czechia loses his title all duties will automatically pass to the candidate with the following ranking.

§4 Rules of online voting

  1. Voting is done via a form that stores an email address for voting purposes only.
  2. Voting from each address is possible only once.