Mr Bear Czechia 2024

The main goal of the project is to choose a winner who will responsibly represent the Czech Bears in their home country and abroad.

It means that the candidate participates in community activities and long-term building and maintaining good relationship with foreign organizations.

Václav Pašek, Director of Elections

How to apply for the competition?

Join the other candidates! :)

  1. Check that you meet the Election Rules.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. After confirmation we will invite you to complete your presentation.
Election Rules Application Form

Staň se novým Mr Bear Czechia. Neváhej a přihlas se přes stránky /EN Become the new Mr Bear Czechia. Don't hesitate to apply via

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Where can you meet the new Mr Bear Czechia 2024? We would like to invite you to Bear Pride Czechia & Election Mr Bear...

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Winners Mr Bear Czechia 2023

Mr Bear Czechia 2023


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Fraternity Organizations

Bear organizations, societies and associations with which we are united by a common interest as well as mutual trust and responsibility.

Organizational Team 2024

Executive Director

Václav Pašek

Václav Pašek

Project Manager

Jaroslav Kaiser

Jaroslav Kaiser

Communication with Participants

Jaroslav Sedláček

Jaroslav Sedláček

IT Support

Pavel Růžička

Pavel Růžička