🍺 CHASER - Bear beer special

Mr Bear Czechia presents unfiltered and unpasteurized beer special CHASER.

The beer was brewed by the winners of Mr Bear Czechia for all those who like to hunt in the bear district.

  • Pale lager, bottom-fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurised
  • Ingredients: drinking water, malted barley, treated hops
  • Alcohol: 4.5% vol.
  • Volume: 0.5L
  • Manufacturer:
    Pivovar Lužiny s.r.o., Archelogická 2256/1, 155 00 Praha 5
  • Head Brewer: Michal Novotný

Price: 66 CZK / 2.80 EUR

On sale only until the winners are announced.
By purchasing you contribute to the support of non-profit bear organizations in the CzechBears.cz association.

Bait for bears and reinforcement for hunters - that's what you want 🤩
How we brewed CHASER beer / Jak jsme vařili pivo CHASER

The brand new CHASER beer special is an ideal bait for bears and boost for hunters. Behind the scene.😉 / Čerstvě navařený pivní speciál CHASER je ideální návnada pro medvědy a posilnění pro lovce. Za scénou.😉 More photos: / Více fotek: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=Mr.Bear.Czechia&set=a.3100609880161899

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Monday, June 28, 2021